Your Proof of Knowledge

This is how it works: Step by step to the Proof of Knowledge

This is how it works:

Step by step to the Proof of Knowledge

With the following self-explanatory online procedure, you can obtain your individual instruction certificate. With informative texts as well as explanatory video animations, the knowledge required by the ordinance is clearly conveyed. You can test, refresh or expand your knowledge. Subsequent success control questions serve to confirm that the prescribed instruction has taken place. If you answer the question correctly, you will move on to the next learning unit.


Don’t worry: You cannot “fail” this briefing. In case of doubt, the corresponding control question will be repeated as often as necessary. So you will definitely be able to acquire your Proof of Knowledge.

It takes just one hour to click through the most important rules and regulations for operating a model aircraft and – almost incidentally – to fulfill the requirements for your individual Proof of Knowledge. You can also interrupt the online procedure at any time and, after logging in again, continue with the next learning unit that has not yet been successfully completed.


After answering the last question, you have the option of purchasing your Proof of Knowledge as a PDF document. The cost of this is 25 euros plus 7 percent VAT (gross: 26.75 euros) in accordance with the legally prescribed scale of charges.

Immediately after receipt of payment, you can download and print your Proof of Knowledge as a PDF document.
To open the PDF document you need a PDF reader, which is already installed on most computers. The PDF reader can be downloaded for free here:
After logging in again, you can download the Proof of Knowledge within any course unit at any time.


Important notes:
Please make sure that the security settings of your internet browser or mobile device do not block the download. If the download does not work or is aborted, it is usually due to the security settings. Also, please note that your Proof of Knowledge must be fully completed, passed, and earned within six weeks. If this does not happen within this time, all learning units must be completed again from the beginning.


The DMFV now wishes you much success in acquiring the Proof of Knowledge as well as lots of fun and enjoyment in practicing your hobby.

Module 1 The New Proof of Knowledge
Unit 1 What is a model aircraft?
Unit 2 Unmanned aerial system
Unit 3 Toy
Unit 4 Compulsory insurance
Unit 5 Distinction between flying under the operating permission of the DMFV and the open category
Unit 6 Model flight requiring no permission
Unit 7 Permission-required model flight
Unit 8 Model aircraft with type certification
Unit 9 Flight ban
Unit 10 Further Flight Bans Part 1
Unit 11 Further flight bans Part 2
Unit 12 Further flight bans Part 3
Unit 13 Further flight bans Part 4
Unit 14 Avoidance rules
Unit 15 Basic rule of flight operation
Unit 16 Flight altitude limitation / Flying above 120 m
Unit 17 Flying with a camera
Unit 18 Airspace structure
Unit 19 Flying via video goggles or monitor
Unit 20 Alcohol ban
Unit 21 What is considered "night" for the purposes of aviation regulations?
Unit 22 Mandatory marking
Unit 23 Proof of Knowledge
Unit 24 Flying in residential areas
Unit 25 Pre-flight check
Unit 26 Navigation / Meteorology
Unit 27 Fundamentals for model flying in the DMFV
Unit 28 Passed

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